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Multifamily Lending

As a part of our continuing effort to create value for multi-family property owners, we arrange apartment loans for real estate investors across the greater San Diego and Southern California region.  ARG Finance offers clients access to the most competitive capital solutions customized to meet their specific needs. As a fully-integrated group working in tandem with our investment sales team, property owners can take advantage of refinancing or securing competitive financing when closing an acquisition. Because of our relationships and proven track record with the most active lenders, we are able to provide the most effective capital and financing solutions available.

  • Apartment / Multifamily Loans (5+ Units)
  • Refinancing (Cash-out Options)
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Non-recourse Options
  • No Pre-Payment Options
  • Flexible Pre-Payment Options
  • Interest-Only Options
  • Loan Amounts $500K to $20M+
  • Stated-Income Options (No Tax Returns or Income Verification)
  • Foreign National Programs
  • Bridge / Interim Financing / Hard-Money / Private Loans
  • Investment Analysis, Custom Advisory & Consulting
  • Low Fees & Streamlined Process

San Diego Multifamily Mortgage Rates
5+ Units, Apartment Loans – Updated the Week of: June 8th, 2020

6-Month ARM3.25%1.20-1.2530 Years75%
3-Year Fixed3.40% – 3.75%1.20-1.2530 Years75%
5-Year Fixed3.50% – 3.75%1.20-1.2530 Years75%
7-Year Fixed3.75% – 3.95%1.20-1.2530 Years75%
10-Year Fixed3.99% – 4.20%1.20-1.2530 Years75%

5+ Unit Properties, Apartment Loan Amounts >$1M

  • 6 Units San Diego: 7-Year Fixed, Rate/Term Refinance
  • 27 Units El Cajon: 10-Year Fixed, Cash-out Refinance
  • 10 Units Oceanside: 10-Year Fixed, Rate/Term Refinance
  • 19 Units National City: 7-Year Fixed, Cash-out Refinance
  • 19 Units Ocean Beach: 7-Year Fixed, Cash-out Refinance
  • 14 Units Lakeside: 7-Year Fixed, Purchase
  • 48 Units Santee: 10-Year Fixed, Cash-out Refinance, NO Pre-Pay
  • 23 Units Escondido: 10-Year Fixed, Cash-out Refinance, NO Pre-Pay
  • 5 Units Normal Heights: 7-Year Fixed, Cash-out Refinance
  • 10 Units Imperial Beach: 7-Year Fixed, Purchase

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